Sunday, July 31, 2011

I've been sucker-punched.........

You know that feeling, right?!?!? You're going about your usual business when all of a sudden you're hit hard in the chest (or face)...your breathe is taken stumble backwards, etc.

Well, I was definitely sucker-punched when I took a minute to look at this........
***Can you see those black lines on the door jam?

This is the growth chart that we've been keeping up with since we've lived in this house. Say what?!?!? My tow-headed little boy has really grown that much?!??

And Miss Lil is right there behind him!!!

Ouch, my heart hurts! Yes, as a parent we want our kids to grow and mature and progress; but we (well me, anyway) also want to have that little bundle to kiss and cuddle and hold on tight to FOREVER!

It's amazing to me how the growth is kinda over-looked as you go about your daily life; but when you stop and look at these markings on the closet door...well, I can physically see my little ones growing up.

I'm taking this as my reminder to soak it in and not rush the day, months, etc. I want to watch the fun that is contained in each inch marked on that door and hold on to the moments as they come and go!

***Ahhhh, my loves!!!!!!

Inch by inch~

Thursday, July 28, 2011

And the fun continues!!!!

This year's beach trip took us back to Rosemary Beach in Florida. We visited this area a couple of years ago and fell in love! Even better, we were able to coordinate our trip with some of our friends from Chattanooga, so the trip was twice the fun!
Sam found his favorite place...with the girls!

John tried his hand (or feet?) at paddle boarding. He came out of the water very frustrated and tired, but I think he did great given the crazy waves and it being his first time and all. Go John!!!

Fun with and old!

An early morning bike ride to the doughnut truck! Now that's an easy way to get the kids out of bed!

Then, a little more biking to burn off the chocolate glaze and cream filling!

And color coordinated jaw breakers are always a must!

What do you do with a rainy afternoon? (We did have a couple of those...) Well, ride through all of the puddles in the parking lot, of course!

Family fun abounds!

An awesome and FUN dinner at the Red Bar restaurant in Grayton Beach!

Two of the most awesome kids I know!

And yes, I was on the trip. The ONLY picture that I was in! Should I be worried that no one offers to get me in any pictures?!?! (And of course, we're talking and my bra strap is hanging out....well, at least I was wearing one, right?!?!)

God's wonderful work!

Our family vacations are always rejuvenating and relaxing. It's so nice to be able to spend a week with all four of us together! And how blessed we are to be able to do just that!

Blessed beyond words~