Saturday, July 20, 2013

Lazy Days of Summer?!?!?

I need to know who came up with that crazy saying, because this family has not seen a lazy day yet!  While the summer has been fun, being lazy hasn't been a part of it!  Even though we're still unpacking and have a long list of to-do's, I've really been trying to keep the kiddos active and involved in something fun.

One neat thing that they have been a part of are two summer "camps" coordinated by friends.  Some of Sam's 5th grade friends (all girls, because that's how he rolls) decided to create a camp for their younger siblings. They held two camps at two different homes, complete with schedules, rules, etc.  The cost was $4.00 a day.  What a wonderful idea and everyone had a blast!  Sam was a "counselor" and Lily Clare was a "camper" -- so, Sam walked away with some extra spending money and Lily had fun hanging out with her friends!  Here's a peek:

The backyard ready for some loud and crazy kids!

Counselor Sam applying a tattoo on a camper's cheek!

And the rules for the day!  Actually, we probably all need to read these and put them to 
good use in our everyday lives!!!

Lily Clare also attended a wonderful camp at a local church - Camp Highland.  It's a mix between vacation bible school and an outdoor challenge competition.  The facility has zip lines, rock climbing, a pool...the list goes on.  But it's a wonderful camp with great messages!  This year's theme was "Stand Strong in your Faith"; teaching them to have faith that God is with them through every situation they encounter.  But the highlight of this week for Lily was this:

At the camp, the children are divided into groups for the week.  At the end of the week, the counselors pick someone to be a recipient of the team flag.  This individual should have shown respect to the counselors, encouragement to their fellow campers and portray a Christ-like attitude.  Guess who got their team flag?!?!  This mama's heart was so proud!

So, that's a recap for now.  I have more photos to share and stories to tell, but I have a paint brush calling my name.

Lazy days?!? Phooey~