Friday, August 29, 2008

Miss Lil...

So, with Sam back in school, Lily Clare and I have been spending some quality time together. Between my trips to the grocery store or Target, we've been going to the park, the rec. center, the mall, etc.

Last week we went to the park with my neighbor, Kelly, and her sons, Wyatt and Eli. Wyatt and Lily will be going to the same preschool next year. Kelly and I will carpool; saving time, gas and morning headache! Anyway, Wyatt is the cutest thing and he and Lily get along really well! They will definitely be going to prom together in 2022! Hee!

Thursday was Lily's first day of gymnastics and she had a blast! They did the balance beam, trampoline and flips on the mat! I don't think I've ever seen her listen or mind so well! Don't you love her leotard!?!? (Excuse the Tinkerbell panties peeking out, I haven't found any 2T thongs, yet. ---JUST KIDDING---IT WAS A JOKE!!)

Action photo!

It's hard to believe that my precious baby girl will be turning 3 in just a couple of weeks! We will definitley have some more bonding time ahead!

Girly fun~

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Ahhh - the Excitement of Spontaneity!

Well, Sunday brought us a lot of unplanned, but extreme fun!

Aunt Janet was set to take the kids for a fun afternoon and John and I were going to do some chores around the house. Unfortunately, Aunt Janet got sick and had to put the fun afternoon on hiatus until a later date. So, we were left with two kids ready for an adventure and chores didn't fit into this category.

After looking into several options, we decided to pack up, drive downtown and watch a Braves game! What a fun time!!!!

We ate the traditional ball park fare of hot dogs and peanuts, oops - we forgot the Cracker Jacks. The kids enjoyed watching the game, and singing along with the organ, but the highlight came after the game. They got to run the bases on Turner Field! This is a program the stadium does after Sunday games and we braved the looooonnnnggggg line to give Sam and Lily their chance!

Sam and Lily at the Braves dugout:

It was such a neat experience and they even got t-shirts! (I just knew that Lily would get to 2nd base and take off into the outfield, but she stayed right on course!)

Here's Lily about to round first base:

Here's Sam heading towards second base:

While heading home through the many detours of downtown Atlanta, we ended up on a street taking us past The Old Spaghetti Factory! (FYI- this is the restaurant where John proposed to me about 18 years ago!) We didn't even know that it was still open! So we decided to eat there, because Sam really wanted to eat in "the big city". They sat us in the trolley car booth and the kids loved it! They said that the only thing that could have been better was if the trolley drove around while we ate! HA! I tried to get John to reenact he proposal, but he wanted nothing to do with that. Oh well, I tried!

Here we are in the trolley:

So with our bellies full of pasta, we walked back to the car and headed home to prepare for the week ahead! Wow, what a blast!

Still smiling~

P.S. John successfully passed the "man-cold" on to me. I'm happy to report that I haven't dialed 911 and I'm continuing with my normal daily activities!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Someone please save me!!!!!

John has a "Man Cold"! (Excuse the British accents, but this is my life right now....)

Please send me your secret remedies, I need them fast!!!!!

Spraying Lysol~

Monday, August 11, 2008

I Want my Baby Back, Baby Back, Baby Back...

Well, we all survived the first day of school! And I do mean "WE"!

Isn't it just the kids who are supposed to be having the back to school blues!?!? Well, in this house, that role was taken on by me. I'm just not ready to have my blonde haired, blue eyed "baby" be a first grader and I'm not ready for summer to be over! We haven't even hit the "Mom, I'm bored" stage, yet.

But anyway, I'll admit I shed my tears Sunday night after I put Sam to bed. I really expected to lose it this morning at the bus stop, but Sam was so excited to get on that bus, I never had the opportunity to be sad! I'm proud of myself!

Here is my handsome young man eager to hop in the "ol' mini" and head to the bus stop...

A big highlight to the school year is that one of Sam's best buddies, Max, is in his class! So fun!

Here is the "after" shot! First on and first off of the bus!

And boy did I find a big smile on Sam's face when I asked him who he played with at recess. "Olivia!" Olivia was in his class last year and they were separated at times because she hugged him too much! Look at this cute shot I got after Field Day last year....

Yep, my "snow-ball" headed newborn is certainly growing and I guess I just have to let it happen! (But I can quietly cry and silently wish he weren't--- shhhh, don't tell!)

A heap of emotions~

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

A little boost in the old ego!!!!

Ever had one of those days (or many of those days) where you just feel blah?!?! You know, maybe it's been a week of bad hair days, or you can't fit into your favorite jeans, or you realize that the mini-van just isn't as sporty as you think it know what I'm talking about. Well, I happened upon a way to boost my own ego when those days creep up on me! Take a look:

Perfect or what?!?!?!

Now, will I let them wear these out in public? Probably not. But nothing will stop me from putting them on my "little lovelies" when I need a little boost!

Feeling "HOT"~

P.S. Don't think I spent a lot of money on my personal/psychological needs, I happened upon these on the $1.97 rack at J.C. Penney! Give me some credit! (HOT and Savvy!) :-)