Sunday, December 19, 2010

Santa and "Samuel-san"

As the days creep closer to the 25th, we are definitely feeling the holiday excitement grow! I took the kids to see Santa this past week, so they could officially relay their list to the man from the North Pole. It was sweet, but honestly...after a 35 minute wait, having to leave to go to karate (before seeing the man in red), then going back to wait another 45 Christmas spirit was running a little thin! However, I can say that looking at the precious faces of the children, with their eyes full of belief and excitement, I was teary-eyed a few times!

Here are my precious little ones... (I love how Lily Clare has her head turned!)

And speaking of karate, let me introduce you to Mr. Yellow belt...Samuel-san! Sam has been working very hard and has passed his first belt test! Congrats big guy; we're very proud of you!

I hope everyone is having a wonderful Holiday season and is enjoying this special time of year!


Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Sharing some gingerbread love!

With temperatures in the 20's over the weekend, we decided on some indoor activities, and one of those activities was building a gingerbread house. Sam and Lily tag-teamed this activity and created a beautiful, sugar-laden structure! (And piece by piece, I'm noticing it disappearing on a daily basis.)

Oh my goodness...could Lily's expression be any more precious?!?!

The gingerbread architects!

There is no "I" in "team"...but there is in "Icing"!


Tuesday, December 14, 2010

And the fun continues!

This weekend, I took Lily and her friend, Abby and Sam and his friend, Dawson, to Build a Bear workshop and it was sooo fun! If you're not familiar, Build-a-Bear is a store where you pick out a stuffed animal shell, stuff it, fill it with a wish and take it home to love! Such an incredible (easy and $$$ making) idea! Here's a picture of the lovies that the crew picked out...

Today was Lily Clare's Christmas program at her school. She was wonderful! She had a speaking part and spoke so clear and loud! (Fellow parents will know that doesn't happen very often when a child is placed in front of a microphone!) And the funniest part...Lily and her best buddy wore the EXACT SAME DRESS! Now as an adult, that would be a nightmare, right?!?! But as a 5 year old girl---perfect! They were so excited!
Oh, childhood is so much fun!

Lily with her dramatic self!

The fashionistas! (Actually - they kinda look like Siamese twins!)


We "with" you a Merry "Chrithmath"!

I believe I have failed to mention that Lily Clare is asking for her two front teeth for Christmas!!!


Family and fun!

So, it's been a busy holiday season, so far! The weekend after Thanksgiving, I was fortunate enough to be able head to Savannah for a "Girls Weekend" with some of the girls in John's family-- his mom, aunt, sisters and cousin. And it was two full days of fun! We did lots of shopping, some incredible eating and had huge amounts of laughter! I know that I've said it before and I'll say it again....I'm so fortunate to have such a great relationship with my husband's family. I do not take it for granted! You hear so many stories about the dreaded "in-law visit"; and I'm so lucky to not have that feeling at all! (Ha! Maybe they do about me?!?!? Who knows!!!)

Me with John's sisters!

My mother-in-law and me!

We had an incredible dinner at The Pink House! That's us in front of a beautiful fireplace!

This is John's sister Debbie choking me because of our restaurant dispute. (We didn't get it either, just thought it was funny!)

The gang-
Me with Johnny Mercer! I can't remember if I was helping him with "Hooray for Hollywood" or "Jeepers! Creepers!"

We were able to watch the Lighted Parade from Cynthia and Amber's balcony -- so fun!

Last week, Lily and I met Mom for a little holiday shopping. We went to a wonderful mall that is certainly a kids dream (if that's possible) and Lily had a blast as we window shopped!

She did a little sharp-shootin'!
I flirted with a Lego Darth Vader!
And Lily found another thing to add to her Christmas List!

So with the Christmas season in full swing, we are definitely trying to take it all in and not get too overwhelmed! We're having fun!

Ho Ho Ho~

Monday, December 6, 2010

Do you want instant chills?!?!

Then listen to this.....

O Holy Night

(I apologize for this being a link and not a video -- but blogger hasn't cooperated with me the past couple of days.)

The voice of an angel singing one of the most beautiful Christmas carols of all! (Gives me chill bumps and teary eyes every time!)

As we are caught up in the hustle and bustle of errands, travels, etc., this song can make us all relate the joy that "weary world" felt when the "new and glorious morn" came -- and that the true meaning to this hectic month is to praise that "Holy Night!"

So take a minute to listen and soak it in!

Oh Night Divine~