Monday, February 27, 2012

Getting our Valentine love flowing!

So, for Valentine's Day, I finally got in the right mood to "get my craft on"!

I started off making the candy treats to give to the teachers. With the basic ingredients of pretzels, Hershey kisses and M&M' end up with these yummy bite size morsels!

I put them in these cute little crocks that I bought on the post-Christmas sales rack for 50 cents!

And Voila....

**The "Valentine Tree" was purchased at the post-Valentine sale last year for $1.80 and stored in my "gift closet" for just the right opportunity! And this was it!

I so love that the kids are still in those precious ages of decorating shoe boxes and sharing valentine treats with their classmates! And when I saw these on the internet last year, I knew that I just HAD TO make them! I think they turned out precious and the kids were so excited to hand them out!

Seriously, how could you NOT be their valentine after receiving these?!?!

I'm theirs~

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Some 'ing's....

Reading, dancing and hiking....that's what we've been up to!

Wanna see something that I love to see?

My kids reading!

Sam has been an avid reader since first grade; every night he reads for about 15 - 30 minutes and is always bringing new books home from the media center. Now, I'm so glad to see Lily following in his footsteps! She may not be able to read every word, but she sits on the sofa and tries her darndest to sound out the whole thing. Love it!!!

This past Friday was the school's Sock Hop! This is one of the events that the kids start counting down to when school starts in August. It's loud, it's crazy, but it is oh so fun watching all of the students dance! Here are my two "jitterbugs"!

Here's Lily with the Principal! They're close like that!

And Miss Lil rockin' it out! (Sam was here...and danced so good that he was awarded the first "Free Homework Pass" -- but of course, I wasn't in the room!)

Lastly, we headed to the mountains on Sat., to take a van full of furniture. We expected a rain-filled weekend,but to our surprise, when we woke up today...the sun was shining and the clouds had moved along their merry way. So, we headed out into the woods and hiked in search of Dick's Creek Falls. When we found them, we were very pleased!

God's beauty never ceases to amaze me! These pictures DO NOT do it justice! (I failed to bring my good camera and these were from John's iPhone.) It was incredible! We were the only ones on the trail and the view, the sound of the rushing water and the smell of the woods just about brought tears to my eyes! Needless to say, we hung out for a long time!