Monday, August 19, 2013

Back to the Books

August 12th was the dreaded day....the First Day of School!  But to my surprise Sam and Lily Clare were bright eyed and excited to start their new adventures!  Sam started middle school this year and Lily Clare changed schools because of our move.  (I must add that she LOVES her new school and is so happy we moved!)  Phew!!!  And it's the best of both worlds, because we are still only a couple of miles from friends, so the friendships continue!

My pretty miss!

Sam came out to tell Lily goodbye for her first day!

My handsome boy!

We've had a few glitches with the buses - and by glitches I mean that Sam was told that his bus didn't exist and I had to go pick him up on the first day and Lily Clare's driver missed our house and Lily had to stay on until the route was completed.  But, they both laughed about the incidents and were not bothered!

And the bus stop is a little different this year....while for the past 6 years, I've had the company of my sweet friends, now my mornings are spent with these ladies:

They haven't given up any good gossip or new recipes,, we'll see if they warm up over time!

It's been nice to get back into a schedule and now I'm in full force on finishing the unpacking and decorating. (Don't tell anyone, we are already counting down to the first three day weekend!)  :-)


What filled our last days of summer?

 We picked a lot of these:

Which ended up in this:

I cut open one of our jalapenos and had a nice little surprise!  Who knew we could grow such happy veggies!

John hung a swing in one of our trees and the kids love it!  So much so, that we probably need to hang another one, so they won't fight over it. 

And in case you haven't been outside in a while, well...there's a 99% chance that it's raining!! And really, you can only stay inside for so long. So the kiddos decided to take their crazy selves outside and play in the rain! (It was actually a fun thing to watch!)

And Zac just lapped it up!

And of course we had to take a final trip to the lake! Which included a hike to our favorite swimming hole!

And our last hoorahs included a couple of trips to Six Flags and a trip to the skating rink.  (Hmmm...look at the girl to boy ratio -- Sam is a smart guy!)

Farewell Summer, it's been fun~