Friday, April 20, 2012

A well deserved break!

April gave way to the long awaited "Spring Break!"  I kinda feel like we crank up our locomotive and go full steam ahead in August with "Back to School", then we chug chug along and hit the crazy fun of the holidays, then we chug chug along until Spring Break....then it hits -- warm weather, a break in the homework, a break in the activity schedule and finally a time to sit back and breathe! And that's exactly what we did!

We headed up to the mountains for a little family get away and started out trip off with a fun night at the drive in theater!  Yep, that's right; the Tiger Drive In!  We told the kids that they had a surprise for the night and they were guessing all day long.  As we packed up some snacks and drinks, they thought we were headed for a picnic; then we pulled in to the d.i.t. and they were so excited!  The movie of the night was Dr. Suess' "The Lorax" and it was great!

 **If you look REAL close -- my kids are the two on top of the slide!

**Well, of course Sam had to have a funnel cake!

**The Lorax!!

The next few days were full of lake water and sunshine -- well a little bit of rain, too; but it was a splendid four days of family time!

**P.S. Sam and Lily made friends with the neighbors granddaughters.  The fun part is that they are from London!  It was so neat to hear them playing outside and listening to the different accents.  When it was Lily's turn for the game, they said "Would you like to have a go?" -- Miss Lil thought it was time to leave.  :-)

Paddle boarding is a new hobby for us and it is so fun!

 **Zac eagerly awaits on the dock!

 **Hey...that's me!

 **Sam is trying his hand at balancing!

 **After a day at the lake, Zac looks like this!

 **Hmmm...not your normal breakfast visitor!

After the lake, we headed home for a 24 hour unpack and repack and then headed out to Alabama!  It was a fun but fast weekend of aunts, cousins, great aunts and Easter Fun!

**Ready, set, HUNT!

 **John wins "Top Fisherman" for the day!

 **Incredible moth visitor!

  **My loves!

Ahhh, if only Spring Break could last until the summer!  (But, I guess it wouldn't be Spring Break at that point.)  So, the countdown to summer is officially on!  And, we're at 4 weeks!  Next up, Sam's birthday!

Bring it~

Monday, April 9, 2012

A long awaited post....

Well, I will be updating the blog with all of our Spring Break excitement...but not now - this is another installment of "Conversations from the Back Seat of my Minivan"! Oops - scratch that. Numero Uno - I have matured to the ranking of an SUV! I'm now the proud owner of a Nissan Armada! I love it! I am a little bummed that I can't hunt for pictures of tricked out minivans, like this:

But, I love sitting up high, still having lots of room for car pooling and being able to tow whatever I want! (Not sure what that will be, but I feel very powerful! Beware!)

Anywho - Numero Dos: It actually wasn't a conversation in the back seat, because Lily was alone back there. But she was talking to me, so - here goes:

Lily Clare: "Mom, I need something for my ice skating lessons."

Me: "What?"

Lily Clare: "A little bling bling!"

Me thinking "What in the world?!?"

Me: "What do you mean?"

Lily Clare: "Look in the mirror."

And I see this precious smile in my rear view mirror!

Lily Clare: "See my "bling bling"? It will make me skate better!"

Her "bling bling" was the glitter lip gloss that the Easter Bunny left in her basket yesterday! That bunny sure knows what a girl likes!

Hippity Hop~