Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Bragging Rights

No one likes braggers, am I right? I don't. But.... (You knew that was coming!), a mama has to brag once in a while. That's what we do! Annnd, it's my blog, and I'm gonna do it - na, na, na, na, na!
So, please bear with me! Here goes:

Do you remember a couple of weeks back when I posted a picture of Lily holding a certificate similar to this? Well, guess what! Sam came home with one of his own! He was chosen as a "trustworthy" student! And with that... another kids meal from Shane's rib shack! Man, I may not have cook if my kids keep this up! Way to go, Sam!

Then came Halloween! Can you guess which one is Sam? Lily was a ninja and Sam was a 'faceless ghoul'?!? We hosted the Pre-Trick or Treat dinner, then all 48 guests headed out for the goodies! Well, I had wanted to add something different to the night and asked the kids if they'd like to, as well. They agreed and so we asked the neighborhood to write thank you letters to soldiers and Sam and Lily would pick them up as they made their rounds. Believe it or not, they remembered to ask for the letters and came home with over 30 letters to the troops! So proud that my sweeties wanted to do this!

And last, but not least, Sam and Lily made their way into the local paper for a food drive their school had organized! They were so excited to see themselves in print!

And the bragging mom that I am, is so glad that they want to help and please others! I don't make them do any of this! They hear about it and want to be a part...of which, I love!

So come on, let me brag~