Sunday, August 28, 2011

And in a flash...

they are gone!

Back to school time is a bittersweet time for me. I enjoy summer...I enjoy the laid back schedule and the family time that we have. So, when it comes time again to wake up at 6:00 a.m. and make lunches and do the minivan circuit, I got one word for ya -- BLAH!

But the worst part of it for this year was that Miss Lily Clare took off on the school bus, too!

What?!?!? This precious little nugget is old enough to to be swept away by a big yellow bus and not see her mother for 7 1/2 hours?!?!?

I guess so..........

**Happy at breakfast!

**Happy at the bus stop!

**See ya, Mom!!

**And they're gone...

(Amazing -- this shot didn't look quite this focused through my teary eyes!)

But I'm happy to report that they both came off the bus smiling and happy! (And I have had a lot of time to clean (not), organize (nope), oh yeah, to workout and shop! Oh well...)

Soon to have the cleanest, most organized house around~

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Old Soldiers and a Young Scout

About two weeks ago, the highlight of our Saturday morning was the Alpharetta Old Soldiers Day Parade! Not just because it's a fun parade with floats and bands and lots of flying candy; but because Sam was a participant!

This parade honors all of the "old soldiers" who have fought to protect our country. Now, this isn't your small community 10 float parade with kids riding by on the tricycles -- it's been a local tradition for 59 years and let me just say that Sam's Scout Troop was float #75 and they weren't the end. Whew!

But, it was an awesome way to spend the morning and show honor and respect for those who have risked or lost their lives for all of the freedoms we have.

The event kicked off with a bag piper.

And a fly-by by an Army helicopter.

The speaker was Brian Stann. He's a well decorated Marine (not to mention an Ultimate Fighter/Cagefighting champion) who started a non-profit organization, called "Hire Heroes - USA". You can read about his organization here. But, he was such a motivational speaker and had the cutest family riding along with him during the parade.

We honored the Confederate veterans....

the WWII veterans...

the Korean War veterans...

the Vietnam veterans...and all of the wars. (I, unfortunately, am a slow photog, so I kept getting caught up in the moment and forgot to take pics!)

There was the Tractor Association. (If this guy had a radio, it would be playing -- "She Thinks My Tractor's Sexy"!!!)

The men really got excited when they saw this truck, but...behind it was a collection of convertible cars. Sorry guys!

And, bless his heart, this guy had the worst job of all!!! He followed the Women's Side Saddle Horse Club. Pee-Yewwwww....

And no parade would be complete with out the Shriners!

Here's Mr. and Mrs. Alpharetta Golden Age --John and I will sooooo be there in about 40 years! Just wait and see!

But, alas, I finally see what we came for....

This precious Scout! He had the time of his life!

And Lily made out like a bandit with a bag full of candy!

Such a fun day! Thank you, Veterans!

Proud to be an American~