Tuesday, August 24, 2010

A bird in the hand....

is worth two in the bush.

And that little hand is Lily Clare's!

Our next door neighbor called us the other day and wanted us to come over to see a little visitor that they were keeping for a friend. It seems that their friend had found this little sparrow on the ground one day after it had fallen from it's nest. So, she took in the little feathered guy (or girl -- don't really know how to tell the difference) and is trying to raise it to release him back into nature.

The kids were amazed at how little and how tame "Avis" was! By the way, Avis is Latin for bird...I learned that from my neighbor.

(And yes, we travel around the neighborhood in our bathing suits! HA! Give me a break...it's summer, it's HOT and we have a pool! But don't be too appalled, you can be assured that I had on MY cover-up!)

As I titled this post, I began to wonder exactly where this saying came from, so I "Googled" me some more knowledge. (And everything on the internet is true, right?!?!) It seems that this phrase originated at some point in the 13th century; meaning that it is better to accept or be content with what one has than to try to get more and risk losing everything.

Smart words!

Happy and content right where I am~

P.S. Yes, that cute little Avis pooped on Lily's arm - twice...we disinfected immediately!

P.P.S. Speaking of birds, look what wanders around our neighborhood on a daily basis.

It was real close to the kids (they had no clue he was there until I told them) while they were playing in the front yard -- in their bathing suits! HA!

Then wandered over and ate out of our neighbors bird feeder!

Gobble! Gobble!

Monday, August 16, 2010


The power of this word amazes me. It's not just taking a break from work, or packing suitcases for an adventure, it's that feeling you get while on vacation and the rejuvenation that you feel when you return that amazes me! I believe I've mentioned before that my favorite part of vacation is being able to spend full days together as a family. John is not having to get up and head out the door, the kids aren't on a bedtime schedule and I'm not having to do the mundane household duties. (Not that I don't love going grocery shopping or doing laundry!?!) But give me seven days to be lazy with my husband and kids and I'm a happy camper!

*Yep, they are happy!

This year, we had planned on going back to Rosemary Beach, but we changed our plans when BP soiled our beautiful Gulf Coast. Instead, we went back to our tried and true - St. Simons Island. I love this area and we knew that it would be just as perfect as Rosemary, so we headed out......

*We went nighttime crabbing! (Lily was picking the crabs up with her hand; Sam...not so much.)

*We played in the ocean.

*Sam grew more handsome.

*Lily became more gorgeous.

*We went to the waterpark.

*Sam almost got eaten by a gorilla.

*John and Sam went crabbing.

*A sea turtle tried to steal their bait.

*The boys were successful.

*The crabs were not feeling very successful.

*And look at our private beach!!! Unbelievable! Not sure where everyone was...

And here are Sam and Lily's souvenirs. Can you guess whose is whose?!?

We made it home safe and sound and now we're muddling through our last week of summer break. I just can't believe that school starts back on Monday. But as I look over these last few months, I feel so blessed. I have an incredible family, a beautiful home to shelter us, a wonderful husband to hug me daily and the fortunate ability to enjoy some super family trips.

Thanking God~