Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Happy Fall, Y'all!

Picture perfect~


After my early morning workouts, I turn the t.v. on to catch up with my friends, Diane, Robin, Chris and Sam--aka, the gang from Good Morning America. But lately, I'm tempted to keep "the tube" off!

Between this nasty election, the global market meltdown, rising crime rates, and lack of love/respect for others, it would be so easy to throw in the towel and say we're all going to "hell in a hand-basket" and I'm jumping in. But what would that say about me? What would it tell my children? What would the world really come to if we all had that attitude?

If we didn't have hope and believe in a higher power, what kind of pitiful state would we be in?

So, I choose to look past the negative and focus on the positive. And I believe that this attitude keeps me happy and helps me realize how good I have it!

*Yep, the market crashed (is still crashing?!?) and our 401k shrank - but my husband has a great job and works hard so I can stay home with the kids. I am VERY fortunate ... and the market will rebound!

*Yep, the election may not turn out the way I want it to, but I know what I believe in, I know who I'll vote for and what morals and beliefs my vote will represent.

*Yep, crime rates and divorce rates are very high, but I can pray that people will change and see how they have hurt their friends, family, or strangers. And pray that they turn their lives around to start caring for others - and in turn, be loved and forgiven.

These are just my thoughts. But here's a song that I can sing at the top of my lungs (alone, in my van - and not as good as Martina, I must add) and it empowers me to keep looking at the positive, no matter what may come....

Loving, Dreaming, Singing, Praying~

P.S. God is great!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Are you jealous?!?!?

Do you remember when you were little and your dad would go on a business trip and you couldn't wait for him to get back to see what surprise he brought home for you? Well, we still get that excited when John's sister, Janet, goes out of town on her business trips! Why???? Because we all get treats!

Well, Janet's last tradeshow brought some great goodies! The kids each got a handheld M&M candy dispenser that had a fan on the end. (Lily's got stuck in her hair in about 19.4 seconds.) and a huge bag of assorted forms of sugar. But the "jewel" was given to me...

Can you believe your eyes?!?!? ?Do you know what this masterpiece is?!? It's a peanut butter and jelly sandwich maker! No one likes peanut butter in the jelly jar or vise-versa, so alas, here's the cure! Are you jealous?

(Or is it sad that when she saw this she thought of me?)

No matter the circumstance, I know I'm doing something right! How do I know? Just look at this sticky face...

Making some mean PB&J's!~

P.S. She also brought me these from another show...

I'm still looking for the right place to wear them! Well, Halloween IS around the corner!

Lily says...

I'll get you my pretty....

and your little dog, too!


Wednesday, October 15, 2008


So, I was responsible for snacks at Sam's baseball game. I pondered, "What could I bring that will be fun and yummy!?!?"

Genius idea...Cracker Jack! You know, the fun snack mentioned in "Take Me Out to the Ballgame"?!? How creative is that?

Well, first of all, imagine my surprise when the boys were asking "What is a Cracker Jack!?!?" Huh? Cracker Jack? The awesome popcorn and peanut treat that comes with a prize?!?!?

They tore into the boxes, liked what they tried and went on home for the evening. I was pleased!

Now, looking at these boxes of caramel goodness brought back some nostalgic memories for me. I remember eating these and ripping into the prize envelope to see what treat I received! Could it be the ever-coveted "tattoo"?

Hey Cracker Jack was way ahead of their time with these tattoos! They may have blurred beyond recognition and washed off within minutes, but they were cool! So, I was eager to get "the mini" in the driveway and see what Sam and Lily had in their envelopes!

They handed me their packets and I squeezed to check if I felt anything hard. (Remember, some had little plastic trinkets or the 2-D pictures that changed when you tilted the card?) I ripped open the edges so carefully and...
this is what I found. A piece of paper. Huh?

Oh, excuse me, they call this a pencil topper. Lame-O! (Lily's was worse...she had a Q & A about Abraham Lincoln with a picture.) I want my money back!

Here's my precious All-Star:

Loving my "personal prizes"~

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

You have now entered "Mission Control"...

So a few weeks back, I mentioned that we were redoing the living room, dining room, half bath....the list goes on. Well, we've finished the living room and here's the final result!

For our lifestyle, a formal living room is just not a smart room. When friends come over, we usually congregate in the kitchen or on the deck; so I decided to make the living room useful! I now call it "Mission Control" and this is where all of my "mommy business" goes down! (Still need to hang some things on the wall)

I do believe that I've spent more time in this room over the past month than I have in the five years we've lived here!

As you can see, my next duty of business is sewing a Cub Scout badge! My fingers hurt already!

So what do you think?!?!?

Reporting for duty~

P.S. I love Halloween and decorating the whole house for it. I made this banner over the weekend! Too cute! (I won't take the credit for the whole's from a kit!)

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Sam says....

Fall is in the air!!!!

Feelin' the chill~

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

While the cat's away...

So, tonight, John went on a dinnertime bike ride. What are we to do? Hungrily wait for his return!??!?! No way...we had our own fun with a candlelight pizza and milkshake dinner!

Fancy, shmancy!

Yummy, milkshakes!

Can you say ice cream headache?!?!?

Got milkshake?

Now, when will he get home?~

Lily ... phone home!

Do you remember this?

Look what I saw the other night when I went in to check on
Miss Lil.....

Pretty good impersonation, sweet girl!


Thursday, October 2, 2008

Alright...who's going to timeout?

So I walk out to the backyard to empty the pool skimmers, and as I round the steps, I see this...

Thinking to myself, "Someone's getting ready to go to timeout!" Everyone knows not to be digging around my BEE-U-TEE-FUL hydrangeas!!! As I start to kick the dirt off of the patio, I see this...

Take a closer look...

Ah, ha -- Bear!

He can't go to timeout...poor old man deserves a nice cool place to lay. I rubbed his wet nose and moved along.


Lily and I collected food from our neighbors to deliver to our local food bank. We collected two grocery carts full! I'm proud of my friends! (And Lily is too!)

If you can, please donate food to your local food bank! Times are tough and no one should be without their "daily bread"!

Counting my blessings~