Saturday, January 10, 2009

Who needs resolutions?!?!

Well, that's what Lily Clare says anyway. It looks like she's good to go in the exercise department:

as well as in the men department:

Maybe we could focus on the fashion department a bit:

As for Sam, he's good with the girls:

an active little guy:

And he's quite the Momma's boy (which is always a good thing!):

And, as for me, after two weeks of not working out, I feel like a:
(You knew I had to throw in one of my pictures using my new camera! Check out the glistening goo on the slug!)

So, here's to a 2009 full of exercise, healthy eating and love for my family and friends!

No more slugging around~

P.S. As we walked around the Greenway the other day, we happened upon a park bench with this dedication plaque. I don't know who Dan Young is, but I think I would have liked him!

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