Friday, January 21, 2011

Once upon a snowy day...

Scratch that....SNOWY WEEK!

Yep, right here in Georgia, we were snowed out of school for a full week! Things were crazy! Not in the "Oh, those Southerners don't know how to handle themselves in the snow"... but, in the "Oh, the Southern state of Georgia has 8 snow plows for the 4+ Million people that live there!" Face it folks, we just don't get it around here very often, so when it comes, it's trouble! We weren't going anywhere!

We woke up Monday morning and looked out our kitchen window to see this...

It was a good 4-5 inches of snow!

I silently snuck out to take a few pictures before the kids invaded the smooth snow and peace. This is what I saw!

Then the fun began!

Yep, that's me!

And here's John...

Then we figured that the kids would want to play in the snow too, so we went in and got them bundled up! JUST KIDDING! They were right there next to us the whole time, in pure heaven!


The highlight for the kids was Snow Ice Cream!

I took a bowl of this:

Mixed it with this:
and the kids looked like this:

Several batches were made of this rare delicacy!

What a fun week of unscheduled free time! Now as day 4 or 5 crept around, the cabin fever settled in and I knew that the kids were ready to be back in a routine again. Grumpiness was in the air! (And the kids were a little fussy, too!) ;-)

Now they are back in the school schedule and we are a happy family once again!


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