Tuesday, August 21, 2012

And the story continues....

To finish up our summer adventure, I take you back to Lake Burton.  After Deedee and Tony headed back to Alabama, our next visitor was my longtime friend, Nicole.  She came up for a couple of days to soak up some fun and sun.  But something that ALWAYS happens when she visits is...rain!  We laugh, because it never fails that we get a rain shower when she decides to spend a few days at the lake.

Well, we did have one nice day while she and her girls visited,so we headed back to Helen for a day of tubing.   Unfortunately, the river level was a bit low, so we kept getting stuck on rocks and the flow was sloooowwwww, but the kids had a blast and have asked when we can do it again.

After the girls left (much to Sam's dismay) John finally made it up and helped us finish out the summer break!  We had a lot of tubing! 

Some more hiking.... (Lily was sporting the new hike/flotation look!)

Lily happened upon this "lil buddy" on our hike in to the river.  She couldn't just walk by....

And a lot of boat sitting!

Not much more to say than "Ahhhhhhh........"



Tiffany Anne said...

Very sweet pictures!!!! We all have so much to thank Him for!

Laurie from GA said...

Tiffany, you are sooo right!

Nicole said...

I think Lily has started a new look. You'll be seeing me sport that next summer.