Thursday, December 27, 2012

Holiday fun, Part I....

December has kept us busy, but oh how I love the holidays!!!!  I'm one of those who wants to put the Christmas decorations up the weekend after Thanksgiving and play Christmas tunes through the new year! We started our decorating by putting up our "Charlie Brown" tree that we have at the cabin.  (Kinda sad, but  when it's dark and the lights are lit and you squint your eyes, it's perfect! Ha!)

After a quick post-Thanksgiving trip to the mountains, we kicked it into high gear....

The infamous "Weinermobile" made a visit to the local Kroger and I just had to take the kiddos there to see it!

A peek inside:

The perfect tag:

John's mom came to spend a couple of days with us and we headed downtown to see the lights at the Botanical Gardens.  It was unbelievable!  I didn't know what to expect; and we were blown a way.  Of course, the night we decided to attend the temperatures took a dip to the 30's after days of mid 50's....but that added to the Christmas-y feel!

We really can't wait to do that tour again!

Next, we went to see Santa....

They shuttle the parents away from the photo area, so I had no clue what the kids were telling him.  He had quite a few chuckles and a few puzzled looks...hmmmm, oh what did they say!

It has definitely been a wonderful holiday season, I'll finish our fun in my next post!

Ho! Ho! Ho!~


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