Sunday, February 2, 2014

And now for a formal introduction!

As mentioned in the previous post, last year's move brought us the adventure of farm life!  I do use the term loosely, but living 30 minutes outside of bustling Atlanta, this little piece of Heaven definitely falls into our farm category! And being on a "farm" you have to have farm animals!  So, say "Hello" to our friends!

This is Beulah!  She is an Ameraucana chicken and lays the prettiest blue-green eggs!

 This is Baby!  We love her black and white feathers!

This is Larry and Curly.  (Yes, we know they are girls...) They are two of our original chicken group that were left after something attacked and ate 3 of our lovely ladies.

This is Rosemary; she is such a pretty buff color!

This is Ramona! She's kinda pushy!

And this is Nemo!  She is the smallest of the group.  You can't tell real well from the picture, but she has feathers around her feet. She's pretty prissy when she walks!

And these are the pretty things these ladies hide for us to hunt for every day!!!! 

And our latest additions....Biscuit and Gravy!  We got these two guys about a month ago and they have been a fun addition!  They are miniature donkey brothers and are about one year old.  To watch them play, you'd think they were puppies!  They run around and chase each other and nip at each other...and even better, when you walk out into the field, they come right up to you and cuddle their head into your arm and want you to rub their ears!

So that is the official introduction to all of our feathered and furry friends.  Oops, don't let me forget this guy:

Our sweet Zac.  He so wants to be friends with the donks, but they are just not interested.In fact, he pretty much falls into their category of "prey".

So there you have it, that's our little world!  We love every inch of it!!!


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