Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Oh Home Ec, you are a TRUE LOVE!!!

Sam was so excited to have Home Economics as an elective this quarter! It seems that all of the kids look forward to this class and Sam finally got his chance!  Their first area of study was house chores.  He had a different chore each night for the different rooms of the house and I had to sign off to say that he did it.  This was kitchen night:

Last week was cooking week and their specialty was Monkey Bread.  Sam was so eager to show us his cooking skills that he wanted to make his bread one night after dinner, but I was able to talk him into cooking for us on Saturday morning.  So this is what we woke up to:

And the bread was delicious!!!  Now if we can teach him to scramble eggs and make coffee...

Coming next week!!!! 

 (If you need me I'll be in my closet collecting 
clothes that need to be darned!!)

Proud of my Home Ec Pro~

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