Saturday, August 16, 2014

Dirty fingernails and all.....

So, one of the things that we were most excited about when me bought this property was the opportunity of having a garden. We tried our hand at it last summer and things were ok, but this year we went head-on into a variety of fruits and veggies and not to brag....but it was a HUGE success!  (And to prove that I'm not cocky, I'll refer back to this post  -- my seeds were a HUGE failure!  See, I'm grounded, I accept my faults!)

Well, when the weather warmed up and the ground was ready we started planting.  We planted cucumbers, cantaloupe, watermelon, tomatoes, bell peppers and jalapenos. While we did kinda overdo it on the quantity of some of the plants (our garden runneth over), the quality was perfect!

We loved being able to share our harvest with our friends and I put myself and the kiddos to work and we canned some pretty awesome pickles and salsa, if I do say so myself.  (Dang, more bragging.) 

While our family and friends call our home "a farm", we do know that we are only a speck of the real deal.  But my friends love to drive by and honk while we are out in the garden or pasture and they laugh at me in my red boots and sometimes dirty fingernails.  

But, really? Would I want it any other way?!?!

 Playing in the dirt~

Smart words, Audrey!

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