Monday, November 17, 2008

I am thankful for

this preciousness....



The Church Lady said...

I wanted to let you know that "Moore" prayers are needed for Miss Pat from MMO.

Her melonoma has begun to spread very rapidly. She was on Interferon shots for a year. She finished the last shot the middle of Oct. and within weeks began noticing huge purple bruises which turned into hard knots. Bioposy confirmed the return of melonoma. She had an MRI today to rule out that it had spread to her brain and a PET scan yesterday to show where all the cancer is.

She is taking the news so much better than the rest of us at church. Her brother-in-law from Seattle will be here Monday to go with her to the doctor for the results of the tests as well as meeting with a lawyer to discuss plans for Illyana's future. She will be 8 in June.

MMO is will be out all next week so I won't know anything until after Dec. 1 when they return. I will keep you posted.

The Hill Family said...

oh, Laurie! what an angel!! is there anything sweeter than hearing prayers from the lips of children?? i don't think any sound on earth compares to this.

you are raising her up so well.

big hugs!!