Monday, November 3, 2008

Oh, for the love of pumpkins!!!

The change of the leaves, the crispness in the air and the fun of costumes and candy...I just love Halloween! And we had a great one this year! Some things I love about October...

You know the "haunting" season is officially here when this comes on t.v.:

Then the fun of deciding on your costume:

Of course I had to participate...Officer Moore (More on this pic later.)

Then you get all dressed up and head out for the traditional "trick or treat" excursion. And let me tell you, we have one heck of a neighborhood when it comes to this. Look at their "loot":

Seriously, we learned last year, that we need to carry a grocery bag with us because we have to empty the trick or treat bags periodically! HA! Please don't show this picture to our dentist!

Speaking of our awesome neighborhood (and that picture from earlier) we have a Ladies Night every other month; so for October we did a costume contest on the Wed. before Halloween. Not to brag...but I won with my police uniform --perfect for the neighborhood co-president!! HEE! After ladies night, I arrested Col. Sanders - he was being unruly!

We also coordinated a scarecrow contest for the neighborhood and had some great entries...

Sarah Palin (No worries, they're Republican!)

Dr. "McScreamy" (This is ours! Complete with a brown curly wig!)

S. Crow Landscaping

The Headless Horseman

Col. Sanders

We also had a "Kung Fu" Scarecrow and a Hula girl! We weren't sure how many homes would participate, but for the first year, it was great! The headless horseman won, with Dr. Mc"Screamy" coming in second! Can't wait til next year!

We ended the day with hosting the neighborhood "Pre -Trick or Treat" party! Lots of food, friends and fun!

The kids in "the hood"!

Still on a sugar high~

P.S. Here's our scary pumpkin ... creepy!

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