Friday, December 26, 2008

Why, oh, why!?!?

Which angel of Christmas past, present or future did we offend to have the luck we have with Christmas holidays? Why do I ask this question? Well, let's see...last year Lily Clare was so very sick with the flu, the year before that I had my bout with appendicitis and this year, this is how poor little Sam spent his Christmas day...

Nope., 7:00 a.m. wasn't the waking hour because of the Santa excitement, Sam was awakened by an awful stomach bug! And it continued on until 10:30 that night. Sam really tried his hardest to enjoy the morning excitement, as you can see in this pic (they are about to rip into their new trampoline!):

But, very soon the sofa called his name and he stayed there (or in the bathroom) for the rest of the day. So pitiful!

As we quarantined Lily to other parts of the house, she enjoyed her new possessions:

Princess bike (Now she doesn't have to ride on Sam's old tiger-striped bike!)

Play-doh Ice Cream Station:
Cinderella outfit:

She eventually ended up outside helping John put the trampoline together:

Then testing it out:

While Sam was inside still doing this:

I, on the other hand, played with my toy - a Nikon D40 camera! Lots to learn, but hopefully my pictures will be very impressive soon!

Here are some of my random pics:

So, have I bored you yet? Not much excitement when you're having to stay within earshot of a sick boy running to the bathroom!

On a good note, we had a wonderful Christmas Eve gathering with John's family! Janet cooked an incredible Italian feast and we had a grand old time eating, drinking and being merry together! (Sorry, no pics...we were too busy eating, drinking and being merry!)

Even though we had this icky day, we definitely know the true meaning of Christmas and we know that we are blessed with all that we have: love, family, friends and health! (After all, it was only a virus and not a life-threatening illness.)

We hope everyone had a day full of smiles, happy moments and felt the love of Jesus on His birthday!

Could someone pass me a Clorox wipe?~

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