Sunday, April 19, 2009

Spring Break Recap...

I know, I know, I haven't posted anything in a long time. It seems that I've been real busy, but I'm not sure exactly with what, so I can't even offer up an excuse. Anyway, here's an update on what we've been doing!

The kids had Spring break the second week of April and we went on a road trip to see as many family members as possible! First, we journeyed to Alabama and got to have all of the cousins together for the first time in a long time! My brother did an excellent job acting as entertainment coordinator and had the kids hiking, playing baseball and dodge ball. Believe me, these kiddos were pooped by the time Sat. evening came along. And what was amazing was watching seven kids ranging from ages 3 to 15 get along and enjoy each others company!

After the first trip, we came home and enjoyed one day with John before he had to go out of town for business. Then, while he was gone, we had our friends, the Schusters, join us for a slumber party! Again, the kids had a blast and it was nice to have a "girly night" with Cheri while was John was gone!

Next, we headed to Chattanooga to see John's parents. We had a super visit and got to take in the Aquarium and had a wonderful picnic in the park!

We came back on Friday and got ready for the big Easter weekend! We had the church egg hunt on Sat. and the kids got loaded down with lots of sugar and treats! It was a hunting frenzy!

Easter Sunday was beautiful and I just couldn't believe how cute the kids looked! (And John looked quite dapper, too, if I do say so myself!)

All in all, Spring Break was a busy, fun-filled, friends and a holiday to celebrate rebirth! How perfectly wonderful!


P.S. And what does Easter also kick-off?!?! White shoe season, of course!!!! Could these feet be any more darling?

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