Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Today, my "lost and found" ad is looking like this:


Tiny bundle of joy. Born on Earth Day, April 22, 2002. The towheaded, blue-eyed, drooling, cooing, baby is no where to be found! He answers to the name of Sam. If you see him, please send him my way; my arms feel empty. Here's a picture to help:

Big, seven year old boy. Loves baseball, legos and girls! (say what?!?!) He still answers to the name Sam and "Buddy". And most importantly, he still cuddles and loves to snuggle with his mom!

He's a keeper! Oh, how it amazes me to think of these past seven years! What a miracle a child is and what a job it is to raise them; but it could never be traded for anything!

Happy Birthday, Sam! You're one special boy!

One proud Mama~

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Tracey said...

Happy Birthday!!! I don't know where the time goes...Reagan turned 7 last month and it just doesn't seem possible!!! I hope y'all have a super day!!

Did you say he likes girls???