Tuesday, August 4, 2009

We're all glad that Daddy works!

How many of you have wanted to be a fly on the wall in my minivan? {crickets} Anyone? {more crickets}

(I can only dream of having a minivan this cool!!!!)

Well, if you were a fly in my van (and if flies have ears) then you'd hear this type of interesting conversation coming from the backseat:


Lily: I wish Daddy didn't have to work. I want him to stay home all of the time.

Sam: Lily, Daddy has to work. If he doesn't work, we wouldn't have a house. And we'd starve to death.

Lily: And we'd have to eat wood.....and ants.

-- A bit of silence, the brains are working.--

Sam: Mom, what part of the ant are you supposed to eat? The middle part?

Me: I'm not sure what part of the ant we'd eat. I've never thought about that.

Sam: I think that's what they eat on t.v.; you know, when they are lost in the woods?

Lily: And we'd have to eat goats.

Sam: Yeah, ants and goats. {long pause} I'm glad Daddy works and we have a house....

Me too~


Anonymous said...

I think you can eat the whole ant. I mean it seems silly to rip it apart since it's so small. I'd just pop that joker in and chew it up

Deedee said...

Love my niece and nephew and the amazing way they think. Tell them, when Madison ate june bugs, she just crunched the whole thing.

Tracey said...

That is an adorable story!!! I love the way kids think!!!

Have a good one! I'm glad the brownie/cookies turned out!!