Saturday, November 14, 2009

Halloween, Part Deux

Two things I forgot to post....

We had our annual neighborhood ladies night Halloween gathering and had a great time! This year, I dug out an old disco outfit from my "Chattanooga Food Bank Disco Cruise" days and attended the party as a Studio 54 VIP! HA!

Can't you just here the Bee Gee's playing in the background?

When we host the Neighborhood Trick-or-Treat Kick-Off party, we have some creative fun for the kids. You know how at Easter kids love to hunt for eggs? Well, we put a little twist on that and have the kids hunt for Body Parts, gummy body parts, that is.

I've done this the past two years and the kids love it! We hide the candies in the front yard and send the kids out to find them. We also hide some larger prizes, too.

Who knew a severed finger or ear could be so much fun!?!?

A little twisted, I know~

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