Thursday, December 17, 2009

Darn those Sappy Commercials...

I'll admit, I'm a sucker for sappy commercials, movies, greeting cards, etc. And now that it is the holiday season, it seems that all of these things are twofold. Every time I turn on the t.v., it's a Christmas movie, a Hallmark commercial, hey, even those coffee commercials can make me choke up! So with the garlands hung and the lights twinkling, my emotions are on a roll.

One of my favorite Christmas movies (albeit not sappy) is Christmas Vacation. You know the one with the wacky Griswold family, with the house glowing all the way to China and the lovely relatives with the RV!??! So anyway, this movie makes me laugh out loud (lol!), but there is one scene that makes my tear ducts go to work. It's the scene where Clark gets closed up in the attic and finds the box of old family movies. He sits there for a few hours watching his favorite family memories play out - even old Clark gets teary-eyed in this scene.

This reminds me of when my dad would bring out the projector and our old 35mm home movies. I loved the nights we would all sit on the floor, eat popcorn and watch past vacations and Christmases roll on the "big screen". As I think about those old movies, it makes me think about my current life. And makes me really hope that I'm living my life worthy of being filmed. O.K., so maybe the times when I grumble under my breath or roll my eyes at something the kids are doing, I hope my back is towards the camera, but otherwise, I hope I'm leaving some precious memories worthy of a good family night in front of the video screen.

Smiling for the camera~

P.S. This is the song playing while Clark Griswold is watching his family the way, it makes me cry, too! Merry Christmas!

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