Wednesday, May 12, 2010

All about me...

through the words of Sam! This is a special Mother's Day book that Sam made for me at school. It's very enlightening to read. Let's take a looky-loo.........

My mom looks prettiest when she goes on a date with my dad.
My mom and I have fun together when we go get Menchi's frozen yogurt.
My mom's favorite color is red. (Actually orange, but it is in the red family, so I'll give it to him.)
More than anything in the world, my mom likes to go out to dinner. (My son knows me well!)
Mostly, my mom likes to wear skirts.
My mom likes it when I have fun.
The thing that makes my mom the maddest is when my sister is mean to me. (Interesting spin on this question. Maybe I foresee creative writing in his future.)
My mom is best at taking care of me.
Mom's favorite place to eat is El Porton. (Si! Muy bueno!)
When my mom was little, she had five family members.
My mom never, ever is mean to me.
The thing that makes me the maddest is when Mom doesn't let me play my DSi. (I'm such a mean mommy!)
My mom's eyes are green. (Ummm, actually brown.But maybe the green ones are the ones in the back of my head!)
My mom's favorite place to shop is Kroger. (Not so much... Yes, I am there 3 or 4 times a week, but it is definitley not my favorite place to shop! They don't even sell shoes!)
I know my mom loves me because she buys me lots of stuff. (I promise, we are working on the greedy thing!)
I want to thank you, Mom, for taking care of me.
If I could give my mom something special just from me, it would be a Corvette! (Oh, I would look hot in the carpool line, huh?!? But where would I put the car seats?)
My Mom is special because she loves me! (And YES, I DO!)

Some of my other Mother's Day treats were:

From Lily-This precious flower pot decorated with some of the sweetest little fingerprints in the world!

From Sam-This awesome bowl decorated by the sweetest boy in the world!

And the best part of the day was enjoying our last day in Disney, laying by the pool, watching my wonderful family at play! I am blessed!

Checkin' the driveway for my Corvette~

P.S. A Disney update is coming as soon as I work my way through the 200 photos I came home with!


The Hill Family said...

Your blog always puts a huge smile on my face!! Happy Mother's Day, friend.

Jeri said...

OK so I'm now crying....
Tears of joy! What a GREAT mommy and daddy you are. Looks like fun was had by all. Can I come next time??? Hope to see you soon, I miss you sooooooo much Lily you too Sam.
Love Ya,
Ms. Jeri