Sunday, May 16, 2010

Can you say "Surprise?!?!"

Do you remember when I posted around Christmastime about how sappy commercials really get to me? Well, here's an example. Back at the end of February I saw a commercial for Walt Disney World. The commercial showed families laughing, smiling and having a blast together. But there was one image that just got to me. It was the picture of a little girl about Lily's age staring wide-eyed at Cinderella's castle while fireworks went off in the background. Yep, it brought tears to my eyes! I could just picture my precious girl right there soaking up all of the magic around her. So, I turned to John and said..."We really need to do this soon." And he was right on board!!!

Well, I'm also a bit selfish. Selfish in the way of, if we're gonna use vacation money and vacation time, I don't want to deal with crowds, with 90+ degree weather, etc. So, we set off to search the internet for deals and tips; and lo and behold...we had a Disney trip planned for 2 months down the road. (Yep, I'm the bad mother that checks her child out of school for a vacation - go ahead, judge...) And the best part of it all was that we decided to keep the whole thing a secret from the kids until we were in the car to the airport!

This was a HARD secret to keep. Not the hiding of the suitcases, or getting the dog cared for while we were gone, but not telling the kids! I wanted to tell them soooo bad. But, John and I did a great job and held out until we picked them up from school and were ready to head out. Here's the reaction you get when you tell an 8 yr old and 4 yr old that you are going to Disney and getting there by plane...........

To be honest, I was a little leery about the trip. My vacation by choice involves a beach, a lounge chair and blue water. So, my excitement was for the kids, not me. But, I'll let you look at these pictures and you will see how I fell in love with the Disney experience!

**The kids did great on their first plane ride. I packed backpacks with surprise toys and candy...they were set for the hour and half flight!

**Lily and I had a "Princess Breakfast" one morning. She met, Belle, Cinderella, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty and her idol...Ariel! I had to hold back the tears as I watched her stare in awe at the beauty of Ariel. Maybe I need to grow some fins!

**This was taken as we waited in line for the "Tower of Terror". With that name, would you think that a 4 year old girl would ask to ride it again and again?!?!

**Do you think Sam enjoyed meeting Pocahontas?

**And where did the kids want to go every afternoon?!? To the hotel pool. One would think that having a pool in the backyard, they would not be so excited about it. But, no complaints here..."Oh, cabana boy, Can I place an order?" We enjoyed it and relaxed!!

So, I thought I'd be saying "Darn those sappy commercials, they did it to me again...". But no, I was won over...Disney enamored me, and needless to say, the kids! Yes, I want to go back and yes, I'll be pulling the kids out of school to do it again! (Again, don't judge!)

M-I-C-See ya real soon~


Tiffany Anne said...

Love love love the video!!!

You only forgot one thing....the Derrick Givens family!!! haha.

Noah kept asking if that little boy was him!

Glad ya'll had fun!

susan said...

Tearing up now!

The Hill Family said...

laurie!! will you please adopt mne? really, you are the sweetest mommy ever! i am in awe of your parenting..just inspiring.

love your blog so much.

Tracey said...

This made me cry! What a great way to tell them!!! I think that Disney is truly the happiest place on earth!!!

Jessica - Savannah GA said...

I REALLY enjoyed reading this Blog! The Video made me giggle & the Pictures were priceless. Growing up, I was in LOVE with Ariel myself. You're an Awesome Mom. Better yet, your kids have Awesome parents!
Savannah Ga