Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Weddings and markets and fun..oh my!

Well, our first week and a half of summer has been chock full of excitement!

It all started when Sam stepped off of the school bus on his last day of school. In our normal neighborhood tradition, the parents were waiting at the bus stop with loaded squirt guns and blasted the kids as they stepped off of the bus! (Video to be in John's car at the airport...oops!)

We left from the bus stop to head out to Chattanooga for the wedding of Bart Simpson! No, not this Bart Simpson, this Bart Simpson...our nephew.

Sam had the honor of being the ring bearer and even carrying the real ring! He did a superb job! Needless to say, the weekend was full of fun, family and lots of love! Take a peek:
The rehearsal dinner was a "Boots and Barbeque" theme! So fun and yummy!

It was held in this shabby 'ol barn. (Just kidding, I'd be a barn rat in a minute if this were my abode!)

Me and my cowboy by the bonfire.

Me with my other cowboy! (Hubba, hubba!)

Unfortunately, this is the best picture I have of the beautiful bride and groom. I was the annoying picture taker who was trying to mooch off of the professional photographer's poses.
But, here's one of their engagement photos. See how precious they are?!? And yep, Sam is totally enamored with Ashley! How could he not be?

The lovely little ones!

Sam and the flower girl (Ashley's sister) being introduced at the reception.
Oh wait, here's a pretty good picture of Mr. and Mrs. Bart Simpson. Wow, I must have really been annoying to get this good of a shot!
Sam can't let a pretty lady sit out a dance, so he asked John's cousin, Michelle, to join him on the dance floor!
Dad and Lily Clare enjoying a dance at the reception.
And what's that saying..."The family who eats greasy diner food together, stays together"? All of the relatives who were staying at the hotel journeyed over for a yummy breakfast together! Very fun and loud!

The kids and I stayed a few extra days to soak in the fun and beauty of 'Nooga...our old homestead! There is so much going on in this town and the beautiful surroundings offer enough to pass an entire day just sitting and staring at the mountains and river.
Sam and his cousin, Mason.

Lily pushing cousin, Serenity. Lily felt like a big girl!

Splashing at the fountains!

Picnic with Grandma!

These past couple of weeks have also given me the opportunity to enjoy one of my favorite air markets. On the Sunday after the wedding, I ventured to the Chattanooga Market (kids free, thanks to my wonderful in-laws) with my sis-in-law! This market started out as a trial run when we lived there, and has grown to a spectacular weekly event! Check out the link to see what they offer: each week features produce, meats, handmade goodies and art from local groups and a different type of musical entertainment performs through the day. Add booths from local restaurants and breweries and you have yourself a perfect Sunday excursion.

I love the proud farmer and his wife sitting in the back of the pic. Looks like they are showing off their grandchildren!

Strawberries were definitely in demand and plentiful!

I tried to order the coon fat gravy, but they said they were out. So I just got a bottled water instead.

This past weekend we went to the Decatur Arts Festival! This is another event that I love to attend, but falling on Memorial Day weekend makes it a tough one to get to. But we were able to go and despite the horrible forecast, we had a delightful afternoon of beautiful art and awesome music!

Now, we're settled in at home enjoying the pool and trying to find our next adventure! We know that Alabama and Tennessee are in the near future and we're eager to see what fun awaits!

Loving Summer~

P.S. This was my only purchase (well beside the strawberries and boiled peanuts) over the weekend. Meet Sally...
I've already been told that she is creepy. But I like her!

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Tracey said...

What a beautiful wedding and it looks like Sam was a hit!!!

BTW: I like Sally!

Have a great summer!