Tuesday, September 13, 2011

And our family keeps growing!

Ha, I typed that title and laughed after I read it! Noooo, we do not have a baby on the way (thank goodness!) -- we just have added a furry friend to our little family of four. And I want to take this post to introduce you!

May I present "Zac"!

It's been a little over three months without our old love, Bear; and for me, it's been a daily barrage of questions like "Mom, when can we get a new dog?" and "Can we go to PetSmart and look at dogs?" and "Will we ever get another dog?". So, some research, some online hunting (yes, you can virtually dog shop!) and a day at some local adoptions and we now have a new pup!

Zac was rescued from a S.C. pound and lived in a foster home for 6 weeks. He's a boxer/pointer mix and is fitting in quite well. House trained, crate trained and good with kids -- not much more we could ask for!


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