Sunday, September 18, 2011

Go Jump in the Lake!

And our other new addition ... "The Nest"!

If you're an original blog follower (anyone? crickets.....), you may remember that about three years ago we had a cabin in Blue Ridge, GA. Well, we enjoyed it for three years, then started getting too busy to visit, so we decided to sell it. And luckily, it sold before the market went "Ker-plunk"! Well, as we've visited Lake Burton over the last couple of years, we've fallen in love with the area and with the market still "ker-plunking", we just so happened to find an incredible deal and jumped on it!

Here are some pics:

(No, that is not our excavator. Unfortunately, it broke down while they were working at our place and it's still sitting there.)

The beautiful lake view!

Remember in April, when Tuscaloosa was hit by that horrible tornado? Well, that same storm spawned a tornado that hit the Lake Burton area and did some damage to our "Nest". The damage was by no means as severe as Tuscaloosa, but locals say that they were very fortunate that the storm came through on a Thursday, because most of the homes that were demolished were weekend homes and luckily, no one was there. Unfortunately, one person lost his life.

Here are a couple of pictures from our lot. (These were taken the day we looked at the property. What can I say...we have the talent to see potential!)

The before:

After a little "TLC": (Next step--stainless steel appliances.)

A good view of the floors and cabinets after we spruced them up!

The master bedroom:

The kids room:

The "crows nest". This is 3 stories up and has an unbelievable view!

The guest room. (Would you like to spend a weekend with us?!?)

The 2nd bath:

We are so blessed to be able to have something like this to enjoy! With God's blessings, John's hard work and our penny pinching ways, good things have come! We still have more work to do -- some paint, some yard work, more decorating-- but I can foresee many happy family memories being made! It's already begun!

On lake time~

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Tiffany Anne said...

Yes....the guest room looks perfect for us!!!! We'll be there soon!!!! :) Please rename it the Derrick Givens Family's Room!!!