Thursday, December 22, 2011

December Fun!

My goodness, December has been non-stop! Not just non-stop fun....but non-stop errands, parties, eating, get the idea. But, even though I may complain a bit (yes, just a little), I do love it all!

So, here's a little glimpse of what our December has held! It all kicked off with my hairdresser, who now lives in Canada, coming to our house for a night of primping! Amanda got married this Fall and has since moved to Canada; but she was home for Thanksgiving and was able to take care of her two FAVORITE clients!

1st place for beautiful bride goes to...Amanda!

So, maybe I clean dishes in this sink, but it also works well for shampoo and conditioner!

Beauty comes at a price!
(P.S. Her 2nd favorite client -HA- is my forever friend, Nicole! Don't you know that John and Sam loved this evening of girls and hair cuts and colors and eyebrow waxing...?!?)

Next, John's mom came for a quick visit and we journeyed into downtown for a new adventure. We went to the Shakespeare Tavern for their opening night of "A Christmas Carol". We could all use a bit of the "classics" every now and then, right? Well, this was awesome!

We had a great dinner of traditional English pub fare and then watched a wonderful production! Sam and Grandma were even asked to say a brief line in the play! "Merry Christmas, sir!" They did great!

This was the beautiful sight when we left the theater!
And this was the sight as we pulled into the neighborhood. Precious!

Our latest fun was an impromptu visit to the local skating rink! Let's see, we've lived here 9 years and haven't visited this place. So, to kick off the kids Christmas break, we gave it a try !

Oh my gosh, it was soooo fun! And the kids did sooo good! We will definitely have to repeat this adventure!

So, at this point, I'll probably leave you until after Christmas or maybe even New Year's. We have lots of family fun planned and I want to soak up every minute of it! I wish blessings to everyone and a 2012 full of happiness!

Good Tidings~

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