Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Playing catch up....

O.k., let me fill you in on our recent happenings!!! First of all, let me share with you what I've learned. (And I think I've said it before.) I went into this school year with the thought that having both kids on the same schedule and having an empty house from 7:00 - 2:30 that I'd be so organized and just begging for things to occupy my time. Well, I was WRONG! What I have realized is that I'm a sucker for volunteering! Between the copying center, the media center, the PTA public relations, and kindergarten and 4th grade classrooms....my second home is at the elementary school.

And I really wouldn't trade it for anything! My kids love for me to be at their school! Yep, they even hug me when they see me in the hallway! And it's so fun to see all of their friends and have them wave at me when they pass in the hallway. So, in case you had some vision of me sitting around the house looking like this:

I'm not!

I came across this next little sweet treat while I was "surfing the internet" and just had to make them! Three little ingredients made some yummy fun treats! Take these three things:

"Glue" them together with the chocolate icing and voila! Edible acorns!

With some help from Nana and the kids, we made over 250 of these and shared them with their classes for Thanksgiving!

Back at the school, the students did so well in their Boosterthon fundraiser they won the opportunity to tape their principals to the wall! Seriously....take a look!

*Sam's opportunity to tape!

When it's all said and done....duct tape is really strong! Mr. Freiberger is about 6'6" (quite intimidating for an elementary school student), but the duct tape did it's job well!

Oh, and one more thing that's keeping me busy.... Zac! Still cute, but a handful!

That's my first part of the catch-up, because guess what...I'm off to the school!

Mrs. Moore~

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