Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Our happenings...

It has been hard for me to find the time to sit and blog lately; and I hate it! Number one, because I like to keep all of our family up on what we've been doing and number two, because I want to use this blog as a "cyber-scrapbook" and I don't want to skip anything. So, I can assure you that my silence isn't because of lack of interest...just lack of quiet time!

Some of our fun has been taking place in Clayton, GA at the lake house. We have really enjoyed having warmer weather because it has allowed us to venture into the woods!

*Lily making "sand cakes".

*Zac getting in on the fun!
*How long do you think this sign has been hanging on that tree?!?!
*Sam showing off his muscles and his new buzz cut!

We finally received our Girl Scout cookie shipment and Miss Lil' had to distribute her orders. Can you see how successful she was in her sales campaign?!?! 100+ boxes!

Lily and I went to Chattanooga for my niece's baby shower. Lily was so excited to be a part of the fun! Here is part of the gift we gave to Tara. (I like to make gifts, but give something store bought, as well -- you know, in case my craft falls apart! HA!) The baby will be named Anna Marie.

*We are looking forward to her arrival in the next few weeks!

I bought a new vacuum cleaner...no, not very exciting, but what's that old saying about kids and boxes?!?! Lily begged me to let her keep the shipping box. This is what became of it! It seems that dogs take a liking to empty boxes, as well.

*(And I was not very pleased to see Zac all comfy/cozy on MY Snuggie!!!)

On Sunday, the kids and I joined some friends and participated in the Hunger Walk, benefiting the Atlanta Food Bank. The weather was perfect and the cause is one that is dear to my heart! Remind me again why someone should be going hungry in America??? Oh yeah, there is NO reason!!! We have too much of an abundance to have families in need of food! So, we were happy to make a donation (the kids donated their own money, as well) and to walk to show our support!

*Always a beautiful view!

*Pam posed with the kids as we walked over the interstate overpass!

*Still don't really understand the big deal with mustaches right now, but we got some free ones and sported them with pride!

*We were walking with our friend Pam. She works with Coca Cola, so we joined their team and donned their logo!

That, my friends, is what we've been up to the last few weeks! We have Spring Break coming up and believe it or not, the school year is winding down. (YAY!) It seems that even more fun times are around the corner!

Chugging along~

P.S. The Occupy Atlanta supporters -- err, I mean supporter-- was in full force at the walk. Ha!

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