Thursday, June 14, 2012

Oh where, oh where has the Moore family gone?!?!?

Oh where, oh where can they be?!?!?  

We're alive and kickin'...we promise!  I do believe that this has been the longest time period between posts that I've ever encountered.  (Not that I was trying to set some kind of record or anything!)  But, between getting into the new summer schedule and having a laptop which is about to die and Blogger changing their website -- blogging has taken a back seat!

So now I have a new laptop, but I need to transfer all of my old files over.  ("I" meaning John, of course!)  We'll see how creative I can be:

Well, the end of school brought another fun Field Day for Sam and Lily.  Lily's class represented Sweden and Sam's India.  They both had a blast!  Each year the festivites are kicked off with a speech from an inspiring individual.  This year was no different and was even more emotional because the speaker was the cousin of the school's PE coach.  Jordan Mouton is blind and a member of the 2012 Paralympic Judo team.  Her speech was so moving and really drew the attention of the kids.  Jordan grew up playing soccer, but began losing her sight at the age of eight to a rare disease called Rod Cone Dystrophy. By age 12, she was blind and her soccer playing days were over. That's when she became a wrestler at her high school.  She then attended sports camp for blind individuals and was introduced to judo. She proceeded to talk about how being blind has taught her that people are willing to help her if she needs assistance and that people accept her differences without making her feel different.

Lily Clare showing her Swedish support!

Lily with Jordan Mouton and the vice principal.

 Showing some muscle in tug-of-war!

Girls won!!!!!

Sam strutting his stuff!

So far, summer has brought us trips to the lake, hiking, picnics and a wonderful visit to the Booth Western Art Museum in Cartersville, GA.


The kids and I headed to a local hiking trail and prepped with a picnic by the beautiful fountains and gardens.

Our lake visits have included a lot of tubing! And even some reading?!?!?  I love that Sam enjoys reading so much!  What an awesome sight on the dock!


Our trip to the Booth Museum was super fun and even better, included a visit with a cousin whom I haven't seen in WAY TOO MANY YEARS!  Actually, we couldn't even figure out how long it had been.  But I got to see him, meet his wonderful wife and see their two precious boys!  The kids loved meeting their "new" cousins!  Throw in some incredible artwork and it was a great day!

I think little Nicholas is amazed at Sam's blond hair!

Sam and Noah doing the museum scavenger hunt!

Sam hangin' with Thomas Jefferson!

The size of some of the art was incredible!

Some of the cutest "Faces of the West" that I've ever seen!

Cousin Derrick heading out to explore the ranch.

Derrick and Tiffany and their sweet boys!

One of the beautiful sculptures in front of the museum.

Our summer is off to a great start!  This week, the kids are in camp at the lake and John and I are enjoying some relaxation and fun during the day. Pictures will follow! 

Promising to blog~

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