Wednesday, July 25, 2012


We kicked off this month with a visit to Chattanooga!  The kids and I headed up to spend a few days with "Grandma and Grandpa", then on up to Lookout Mountain to visit with Aunt Janet!  But two of the best highlights of the week was getting to spend some time with my newest great niece (wh-what???  Am I old enough for a great niece?!?!?)  and seeing our nephew Lil' Roger!

Lily and Sam bonding with Anna Marie!

Roger is currently undergoing an extreme chemotherapy regime for cancer.  He must go through four week-long sessions of chemo.   When we visited, he had completed two he has finished the third and only has ONE MORE to go!  Amazingly, he has not had too many bad effects from the chemo and has been in good spirits.  We are constantly praying for his recovery and would love for you to join in on the prayers!!!!

On the Fourth of July, we traveled up to Lookout Mtn and met up with John (who we left in Atlanta because of work).  Always up for an adventure, Janet suggested that we head down the mountain and tour Sequoyah Caverns.  What a neat little excursion!

 Peace, love and God Bless America!!!!

The family who caves together stays together!

 My heart is still tied to Chattanooga, so when I saw this barn leaving the caverns (which are in Valley Head, AL), I had to stop and get a picture!  I think it's beautiful!

God Bless the USA~

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