Monday, October 1, 2012

Hmmmm, what excuse this time?

Wow, a month since my last blog????  I wish I could say that I had been hanging out here:

 or doing something like this:

 But the unfancy truth is that I'm a:

I have two kiddos that want to be involved in every after-school activity (I'm thankful to have outgoing kids!) and I kinda have a problem with walking past a volunteer sign-up sheet and ignoring it.  For some reason, I always pick up the pen and write my name.  (I'm grateful to be able to stay home and do these things!)  So, not complaining about's just a fact.  And by the time 9:30ish comes around and I can finally sit down, my brain is a bit too fried to blog!  So, as I sit here next to my sweet, little feverish Lily Clare (woke up with a yucky fever), I finally have some time to catch up.

September brought us birthdays for Lily, Chandler and Nana.  We celebrated all of their special days a little early while we were in Alabama for Labor Day.

Our Webelos Scout is on duty for popcorn sales!

We were amazed by the "blue moon".

I had an incredible "girls weekend" at the cabin.  Who would have thought that we'd able to get nine women together for a road trip on the first try!  A big shout out to all of the guys for playing  Mr. Mom for the weekend.  As we were all sitting around the dinner table, we realized that we had left almost an entire neighborhood mom-less!  But no catastrophes occurred!

We didn't take hardly any pictures.  But of course, one of us eating!

I took everyone "back in the woods" and we had a great hike to the Chattooga River!

I am so blessed to have these girls in my life!  A drama-free weekend filled with so much laughter!  (Oh, and lots of food!)

Catching up~

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