Wednesday, May 1, 2013


My oh my, how things change!!!  In the blink of an eye, things can do a 180 and go in a totally different direction!  I looked at my last post (sadly, written over a month ago), but I looked at the date... March 23, then I looked through my emails to see when our changes began....March 24.  What changes do I refer to?  Well, we entered into the real estate game. Out of nowhere, we fell in love with a house, put our house on the market and voila--we're moving!

Here we were on Monday, March 25th.... (that's not really our house, put you get the gist)

And here we were on Wednesday, March 27th....yep, SOLD -- in less than 48 hours!

We were kinda in shock!  We've lived in our house for 10 years, the longest we've ever lived in the same house since we've been married, and if I remember correctly, when we moved here, we swore that we would NEVER move again.  Somehow, we forgot that.  But after a couple of neighborhood homes sold in just days of being listed and after a dream of a property came on the market, something told us to go for it and see what happens.  Well, I've been waiting for a sign to tell us this is not meant to be and we haven't seen it yet.

So, it looks like at the end of May, we will be living (a small-scale) "farm" life in the middle of metro-Atlanta. We'll only be moving about 3 miles down the road, but seriously, it seems like a different world.

Here's a glimpse:

Yes, our house looks like a barn.  No, it was never a barn, but we love it!  So unique!

Yes, the house comes with chickens!  Well, we actually wrote that into the contract, and we got them!  All nine of them!  And the current owners say that we can expect about one egg per chicken per day! (It looks like our AL relatives are going to be getting some calls on how to's!!!)

This little guy is our neighbor's and has been hanging out in the same place every time we've visited; which is outside the kitchen window, always at the fence within perfect reach!  I sure hope our new neighbors will be o.k. with the kids loving on him a lot!!!!

So, that is a summary of our past month+!  School is winding down and I'm crazy busy with planning for the Fifth Grade Graduation Week, then throw in the sports, scouts, cleaning and feeding, cuddles and kisses - we've been BUSY!  We are scheduled to be in the new house by May 31st...fingers crossed that everything goes as planned.

So, as we go through this last month with so many emotions, we focus on the new life ahead of us.  As silly as it sounds, these three miles down the road will be a change of pace and will give the kids a great experience, while slowing us down a bit!  I really don't think we could ask for more!

Packing boxes~

P.S.  Hmmmm - really, nine of these a day?!?!  You may see me at the curb selling Fresh Eggs or Build your own Omelets!


Tiffany Anne said...

I had no idea!!! How awesome and exciting for you!!!

Jill Hill said...

i love your new house!! LOVE! give us an update soon! :) we are at the beach, SSI, as we speak. always think of yall when we are here!