Friday, January 10, 2014

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and I'm still a slow-poke!!!

 Well, the holidays have come and gone and what a wonderful break it was! The kiddos were out of school for almost a month and we were able to fit a lot of fun family times into those days!  Still recovering from my foot surgery, (have finally been able to start light exercise this week!), I was still moving around pretty slow, but that didn't keep the fun away.

We kicked the break off with making and decorating cookies.  Sam and Lily always love this and they were very delish!

Does this batch make you smile or what?!?!

My family came to celebrate the weekend before Christmas!  Sam and Lily love having all of their "Givens" cousins under one roof!

Some of John's family comes over for a Christmas Eve and Christmas morning celebration! And once again, I barely have any pictures to show.  This is Sam and Lily before the Christmas Eve service.

And the Christmas morning walk!

It was so fun to decorate the new house! 

We headed up to our cabin for New Year's Eve, then onto Chattanooga to celebrate a late Christmas with all of John's family.  I felt lucky that we got to stretch Christmas out to a 3 week celebration!

Zac is a great traveler except for one thing...he somehow thinks he's a lap dog.  And whose lap does he tend to sit in?  Well, let's see...

2013 was a great year full of some wonderful changes for our family!  We are so excited to see what lies ahead in 2014!


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