Friday, August 29, 2008

Miss Lil...

So, with Sam back in school, Lily Clare and I have been spending some quality time together. Between my trips to the grocery store or Target, we've been going to the park, the rec. center, the mall, etc.

Last week we went to the park with my neighbor, Kelly, and her sons, Wyatt and Eli. Wyatt and Lily will be going to the same preschool next year. Kelly and I will carpool; saving time, gas and morning headache! Anyway, Wyatt is the cutest thing and he and Lily get along really well! They will definitely be going to prom together in 2022! Hee!

Thursday was Lily's first day of gymnastics and she had a blast! They did the balance beam, trampoline and flips on the mat! I don't think I've ever seen her listen or mind so well! Don't you love her leotard!?!? (Excuse the Tinkerbell panties peeking out, I haven't found any 2T thongs, yet. ---JUST KIDDING---IT WAS A JOKE!!)

Action photo!

It's hard to believe that my precious baby girl will be turning 3 in just a couple of weeks! We will definitley have some more bonding time ahead!

Girly fun~

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The Hill Family said...

i just love your blog! you always crack me up!! loved the thong comment! :O

Lily is just beautiful!! love her little smile!!