Monday, August 11, 2008

I Want my Baby Back, Baby Back, Baby Back...

Well, we all survived the first day of school! And I do mean "WE"!

Isn't it just the kids who are supposed to be having the back to school blues!?!? Well, in this house, that role was taken on by me. I'm just not ready to have my blonde haired, blue eyed "baby" be a first grader and I'm not ready for summer to be over! We haven't even hit the "Mom, I'm bored" stage, yet.

But anyway, I'll admit I shed my tears Sunday night after I put Sam to bed. I really expected to lose it this morning at the bus stop, but Sam was so excited to get on that bus, I never had the opportunity to be sad! I'm proud of myself!

Here is my handsome young man eager to hop in the "ol' mini" and head to the bus stop...

A big highlight to the school year is that one of Sam's best buddies, Max, is in his class! So fun!

Here is the "after" shot! First on and first off of the bus!

And boy did I find a big smile on Sam's face when I asked him who he played with at recess. "Olivia!" Olivia was in his class last year and they were separated at times because she hugged him too much! Look at this cute shot I got after Field Day last year....

Yep, my "snow-ball" headed newborn is certainly growing and I guess I just have to let it happen! (But I can quietly cry and silently wish he weren't--- shhhh, don't tell!)

A heap of emotions~


Tracey said...

Doesn't Sam look so ready to go to school!!!
I am so jealous that you were able to hold it together!!! Way to go!

I think that pic with the little girl is adorable!!!

The Hill Family said...

sam is just the most handsome little first grader ever!!!! LOVE his beautiful blond hair!!

glad you are doing okay...if you start wavering...give me a shout!:)
i can just cry right along with you!

have a great week!!