Saturday, March 28, 2009

Only her hairdresser knows for sure...

O.K., I'll let out a little secret...are you ready?!?!? My sister-in-law and I color our hair. ~~Loud gasp of surprise from my reading audience~~ Yep, we didn't get these luscious locks from Mother Nature, we have to spend hard earned cash for our tresses to shimmer!

O.K., so that wasn't such a shocker, but something that will surprise you (and maybe make you a little envious) is that we are lucky enough to have a wonderful hairstylist/friend who came to my house to have a Girl's Hair Night! Our sweet Amanda has returned from a 6 month mission trip to Australia, Thailand and Cambodia. Incredible, to say the least! But, she's not back in her salon yet, so she offered to come "work her magic" at my house!

What a fun, fun evening! And even better, at the end of the night, our hair never looked better!

Thanks Amanda and welcome home!

**As all tribeswomen do, we allowed Lily Clare to witness the ritual. We all know that inner-beauty is most important, but the outer-beauty needs a little help along the way!

Can't help but look in the mirror~


Tracey said...

What - you color your hair? I never would have guessed!!! =)

I am so jealous.... I would give anything to get my hair did in my house!!!

Looks like y'all had fun!

The Hill Family said...

This post was aimed right after my very own heart!! I LOVE hair products, hair color, hair cuts, anything pertaining to the locks. My fantasy is to one day have my own shop and just do hair all day long!! (probably need to go to school for that first) :)

I am very jealous that you have someone (a friend, at that) who comes to your house! I would be in hair heaven.

turning green with envy,