Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Sugar and spice and ...

a little temperamental! (Did you see the trend in these postings?!?!?) Last week brought the end to Lily Clare's "Princess Ballet" class. She really liked this class; not only did she get to learn the basics of ballet, but the girls had several trunks of "princess" clothes to be able to dress-up with!

Usually the parents have to stand outside and stare in through a very small 2' x 3' window, (seriously, it's kinda like visiting a prison and staring at the inmates through the very small security window), but for the final day, we got to go into the room and see all of the girls dance. John and I went together and were so excited to watch Lily perform.

So, they started in a group doing some plie's and swaying side to side, then they took turns skipping in a circle. Let me say that watching Lily skip has made me smile every week! She takes after her dad in the coordination area. (Shout out to ya honey!) So, she skipped and sat back down.

Next, they were to all get up and do a group dance...uh-huh...this is where it all went awry. She stayed seated on the floor and wouldn't budge. Seriously!
So, as we gritted our teeth, we watched all of the other girls do the dance and end the class. Am I a bad mom that this bothered me sooooo much?!?!? She just got up and came over smiling. Arrgghhh. Well, that night she woke up with a 103 degree fever, so I'm blaming her shyness on that.

No matter what, she is the cutest princess I know! And, she's all mine! (Well, I guess I have to share her with her daddy!)

If she's a princess, am I a queen?~


Tracey said...

How sweet! She did make a very cute little princess! I wanted my girls to take dance and they didn't want any part of it!

Hope Lily is feeling better,

The Hill Family said...

Do Lily and Presley take ballet at the same ballet school?? From the room, to the small prison window, it all sounds strangely familiar!

She IS a princess!!! What a funny story!! I miss her!!

**and yes, that would make you a queen!

loving our ballerina girls,