Monday, May 25, 2009


Wow, I haven't posted in a loooong time! I'll tell ya, the last few weeks of school are HECTIC! Between, field Day - teacher gifts - cub scouts - baseball - gymnastics - and preschool...I'm whipped! I just had to veg out for the weekend to rejuvenate for the summer! But bring it on!!!! I am so ready for summertime fun and family time!

So here's a recap of what has been going on for the past few weeks...

Sam's baseball team made it into the playoff's for the 7 year old's! They came in second, but no worries; those boys could really play some ball! And seriously, after my first experience with tournament play, I don't think that I'm cut out for, my blood pressure was off the charts after Game One -- but then, there was Game Two. I was so glad when it was all over, but was so proud of Sam and his team!!

Next, came the end of Lily's gymnastics class. She loved it and continues her flips and rolls once she gets home!

Sam's first year of Cub Scouts came to an end with the ceremony of him crossing over to the Wolf rank. We had a great picnic at the local park and they had their ceremony with face paint and received their next badge and walking stick. So fun!Next came the end of school and now SUMMER! In our usual neighborhood tradition - we met the kids at the bus stop with squirt guns, loaded and waiting! Even though it was a downpour, the kids loved it!

Oh, and Sam is selling his Razor scooter. He put it at the curb with this price tag on it...$39.99. (I reminded him that it sells for $19.99 new, but he said that he wants more money than that?!?!) Good luck my little entrepreneur!

So, anyway, I haven't been sitting on the sofa eating bon-bons. I've been working my way towards summer and I'm so glad it's here! Now, just an eleven day countdown to the beach!

Walking on sunshine~


The Hill Family said...

who in their right mind would not buy that scooter from any price?? what a doll!!

our school year ends Friday...yay!!! i'm so ready!!!!

happy summerin',


Anonymous said...

I think Sam has been talking with his cousin Chandler who can put a price tag on anything. If the curb appeal doesn't work, there's always eBay. :) Aunt Deedee