Sunday, October 18, 2009

Is 38 degrees Fall or Winter?!?

My post was going to be titled, "Well, Hellooo Fall!" However, when we woke up this morning, the thermometer read 38 degrees!!! Somehow our tepid, upper 50 degree weather missed the boat! Oh well, the sun was shining bright and it was a beautiful day!

Yesterday we attended our church's Fall Festival. (In the overcast, breezy, drizzle of a day.) But it was fun and the kids had a blast!

Trying to stay warm on the train ride!

Lily showing off her muscles!

Sam showing he has muscles, too!

The grand finale of the day ... cotton candy! (The funnel cake had already been devoured!)

And to think just a week ago, we were doing this:

and this:
I love this picture! They played so well together! They stayed in this tide pool for a good 30 minutes, giggling the whole time!

Today, we started work on our entry into the Neighborhood Scarecrow Contest! I'll post a picture once he's complete. So I'll leave you with last year's creation....

It's all good!~

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Tracey said...

I totally get it... it was in the mid 30's at the beginning of the week and tomorrow high 70's... go figure!! Can't wait to see how you top Dr. McScreamy!!!

Happy Fall!!