Monday, March 22, 2010

Oh where, oh where has my blogging mind gone...

Oh where, oh where can it beeeeeeee?

The answer to that question is ... I have no clue! I think the cold weather and having a seven-year who watched something on t.v. that scared him to death has just about done me in! I need some recharging...but that's a whole other post. I do have several things to share, so this is gonna be one of those jumbled collections of snapshots into our world!

Let me throw out some snippets of what you'll see.... astronauts, cub scouts, leprechauns, a jam session (yep, I'm rock and roll), ghosts and Curious George. And away we go......

Sam received his Cub Scout Wolf Badge and had the honor of carrying the flag before his ceremony. Check out how official he looks here:

O.K., I'll admit, I'm not so rock and roll. My jam session was just that...I made strawberry jam and canned it. I'm sure I had some cool music playing in the background while I was doing it though.

My first try didn't "gel", so I had to process it again. But I don't want to bore you with my canning lingo, I'll save that for my canning buddies....oh yeah, I have none~! Ha!

So on to poor Sam. Remember my last post, when he was sick? Well, it turns out that on one of his sick days, he decided to watch a show on Discovery Channel called "A Haunting". And from that I think you can sum up our past two weeks! UP ALL NIGHT! This show planted some ugly images in his little head and even now as I type, I'm waiting for him to come downstairs to say he heard a noise. It's been a rough two and a half weeks for all of us! But we will survive and he will get better and Discovery Channel will pay! (Just kidding, I thought it sounded cool!)

This past weekend brought a visitor to our house. Lily got to bring home Curious George for the weekend. C.G. is the class stuffed animal that gets to travel home each weekend with a classmate and we get to chronicle all of the fun. So, when he got to our house, what was his first adventure?

Yep, a spin in the washer and dryer and he was good to go! (And got rid of my heeby jeebies, too!) Here are a few other pics we took over the weekend!

We had fun and Lily was so attentive to C.G. But it was nice to pack him up and send him on his merry way.

That's all I can do for now. Next, you will see the leprechauns and the astronauts. As for me?

Please keep your fingers crossed that I (we) can go to bed and not wake up until the alarm clock goes off. It's amazing what a solid night's sleep will do! Because then...who knows what can happen?!?!?


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