Sunday, April 11, 2010

Breakin' it!

This week has been Spring Break for the kids and what a wonderful week it has been!

We started off the break by visiting Alabama to celebrate Easter. Heading to Opelika always has it's surprises and this trip was not any different. The surprise? Well, I'll let the picture speak for itself...

And who fell in love immediately?!?

I definitely had to double check the van before we left to make sure Sam hadn't hidden one of these feathered creatures to take back with us! And there is always a fishing competition to be had! It looks like John won this one, hands down!

The weather this week was just perfect! Mid 80's from Sunday through Wed., so what else were we gonna do, but turn on the pool heater and jump in! On Monday, Sam and Lily swam while I potted plants and got the yard looking like Spring!

Then on Tuesday, we hosted some of the neighborhood families and John took the day off and played with (tossed around) the kids!

Wednesday, my brother and his kids spent the day with us and once again we hung by the pool! A perfect three days! Thursday brought some rain and let us be lazy in the house; then Friday took us to the park!

Oh, here is Sam with his "lady friends" on Saturday night. He really knows how to woo the women!

For the final day of Spring Break, we packed up a picnic and headed to the local greenway for the kids to ride bikes. This weather is 100% perfect to take the Jeep out for a spin and the kids love it! After the kids worked off their lunch, we stopped in for "Happy Hour"! No, not at the local watering Sonic! You know, where from 2 - 4 all slushes are half price! What a deal!
And Sonic, you are more than welcome to use this photo...I just need the royalties from all of the slushes these two cuties will help you sell!

Let the 6 week countdown to Summer begin~

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