Friday, April 23, 2010

Eight is Great!

So says Sam!

Our blond haired cutie turned 8 yesterday....which is just unbelievable! I feel like I was spoon feeding him and teaching him his ABC's last week. But, spoon feeding here. He's too busy with school, scouts, friends, flag football, Wii, DSi, etc. And he loves the computer! In his spare time, you can find him typing stories on my laptop. Here is one that he typed about himself.... (with his spelling mistakes and all!)

"My name is Sam. And i like chili. I have 1 sister and 21 friends! I have blond hair and blue eyes. I have so many toys that I want to donate some. I was born in Tenesee. My birthday is April. It's on the 22. And for school I go to Crabapple Crossing Elementary. The abreveation for it is CCES. The S is for school. Those are some facts about me."

Sam requested La Parrilla for his birthday dinner, because he wanted to wear the sombrero and have them sing to him!

As for me, I guess I better go make some chili!

Happy Birthday my favorite blond haired, blue eyed boy~

P.S. Tonight, we will be hosting a sleep-over for Sam and his buddies. NOT all 21 of them! :-)

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MarkyDsMom said...

aww happy blated bday to Sam. he is such a cutie and that little short story of facts was WAY adorable!