Tuesday, December 14, 2010

And the fun continues!

This weekend, I took Lily and her friend, Abby and Sam and his friend, Dawson, to Build a Bear workshop and it was sooo fun! If you're not familiar, Build-a-Bear is a store where you pick out a stuffed animal shell, stuff it, fill it with a wish and take it home to love! Such an incredible (easy and $$$ making) idea! Here's a picture of the lovies that the crew picked out...

Today was Lily Clare's Christmas program at her school. She was wonderful! She had a speaking part and spoke so clear and loud! (Fellow parents will know that doesn't happen very often when a child is placed in front of a microphone!) And the funniest part...Lily and her best buddy wore the EXACT SAME DRESS! Now as an adult, that would be a nightmare, right?!?! But as a 5 year old girl---perfect! They were so excited!
Oh, childhood is so much fun!

Lily with her dramatic self!

The fashionistas! (Actually - they kinda look like Siamese twins!)


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