Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Some Easter love!

As I continue my catching up, I move on to Easter.

I love Easter and the weather that comes along with it! I love how each Spring morning, when I open the doors, it's like a rebirth -- the perfect feeling to go along with the Easter season. You open the door and the fresh smells, the cool breeze and the beautiful birds awaken your senses and put you in a mindset to jump start your day! Just awesome!!

We participated in our church's Egg Hunt, just as we have in the past. But this year was a bit different. We had torrential downpours the day before, so everything was SOGGY! So how do you handle that? Like this --
It may have taken a little of the challenge out of the hunt; but it was still fun!

And you can see that both Lily Clare and Sam were very successful hunters!

Easter morning brought a beautiful sunrise and temperatures to allow for a sleeveless dress! I love Easter being a little later in the year, because you don't have to cover your pretty dress with a sweater!!

My brother and parents came over for Easter afternoon and we enjoyed a true Southern feast! We started it off with some pimento cheese and cream cheese and pepper jelly and crackers appetizers.
Then enjoyed ribs, barbeque, potatoes and baked beans and finished it all off with some yummy petit fours!

It was so good, y'all!

And this was my Easter season craft:

Take some egg shells, dirt and grass seed; add some water and God's beautiful sunshine and voila!

More to come~


Tiffany Anne said...

Laurie---you are beautiful! I love your dress!

Noah loves Sams Falcon's Jersey. We used to watch the Falcon's newest draft pick, Julio Jones, when he played at Foley (right down the road from us!) but Noah liked the Falcons before that!

Laurie from GA said...

Tiffany -- You're too sweet! Actually, after looking at these pics, I made the decision to get 3 inches cut off of my hair! I'm just not a long hair girl...